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Replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth can result in a lack of confidence , can create problems with proper chewing and inability to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Why we advice to replace missing teeth?

If the tooth is missing ,the other teeth can migrate and change your bite and contacts between teeth:
– other teeth have less support because of bone loss, they take too much pressure and may become loose.
– bite is changed what creates problems with eating, biting, chipped enamel, pain in jaw joints.
– difficulties with chewing can affect proper digestion and cause bad quality nutrition.

Other prosthodontic treatment solutions offered in Dodder Park Dental:

– Crown composite
– Crown metal bonded with composite
– Crown metal bonded with porcelain
– Crown full ceramic
– Onlay composite
– Denture acrylic
– Denture Cr/Co

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We provide an individual approach to each patient, which, combined with thorough diagnosis and a comprehensive range of treatments, allows us to find the best solution for everyone.

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