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General extractions

Oral Surgery

We offer wide range of specialised oral surgery procedures such as:
– Surgical extractions
– Wisdom teeth extractions
– Periodontal surgery
– Implants
– Gummy smile correction
– Bone grafting

All the procedures are performed in local anesthesia and carried out by specialist oral surgeon.

We perform bone grafting treatment:
This oral surgery procedure is necessary when bone loss has occurred in a jaw bone. It is very common prior to dental implant placement or periodontal surgery.

Dental bone graft adds volume and density to the jaw in the areas where bone has occurred.

The bone graft material can be taken from your own body or can be synthetic. This procedure is recommended for patients who need to replace extracted tooth with dental implant.

Need to rebuild the jaw bone before getting dentures. Have areas of bone loss due to periodontal disease.

Oral surgery - Dublin