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Today’s dentistry is always aesthetic dentistry.
We provide the highest standard of modern, painless treatment by using:

– Excellent materials (Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr, Enamel Plus)
– High quality dental equipment
– Digital X-Ray


You may have healthy teeth but still not be happy with your smile.
At Dodder Park Dental we offer a wide range of procedures that will help create your new beautiful smile. We spend time taking photography, making wax up and composite mock on your teeth to show you how your new smile can look.

Cosmetic dentistry at Dodder Park Dental

Smile design

With our industry leading techniques, experienced dentists and state of the art technology we can model up a beautiful smile, tailored and designed just for you.

Using state of the art

We use only the best materials on the market to ensure, that perfect smile that is not only an accurate color and shape, but long lasting too.

Composite flow injection technique

Beautiful smile on one visit with Composite flow injection technique!
No preparation of teeth, no sensitivity.
Now available in Dodder Park Dental.
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Composite BONDING

Composite bonding is non-invasive, cosmetic treatment. Composite material is applied into the labial/ buccal surface of teeth, may involve 4-10 teeth or single tooth. This procedure doesn’t require anaesthetic injection, no preparation of teeth is involved.

Composite bonding can transform patients smile in very gentle way.

Treatment is suitable for most of patients, it can reshape the teeth, close the gaps, brighten teeth, improve symmetry of the smile.

It is more economic comparing to porcelain veneers.

Safe teeth whitening

Zoom office bleaching.

Premium grade materials

We use only the best materials on the market to ensure, that perfect smile that is not only an accurate colour, but long lasting too.

Beautiful, long lasting veneers

We are experienced with composite and porcelain veneers for a successful smile makeover.


Transform your smile with our state of the art technology and modern threatments.