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Our team of experienced general dentists ,specialist implantologist, orthodontist and hygienist together with our dental nurses are happy to see you in Dodder Park Dental.

We offer Once a year free examination and €15 scale & polishing if you are entitled to PRSI treatment benefit scheme.

We provide complex dental care under one roof.

Airflow scale and polish

This is perfect procedure for brightening stained teeth. In many cases this hygiene treatment is enough to keep natural bright smile.

In DPD we use W&H airflow handpiece with delicate powder to transform stained teeth into beautiful bright smile.

Full range of general dental procedures available here in Dodder Park Dental.
Emergency appointments and prescriptions
Diagnostic X-rays
Teeth scale & polishing
Composite esthetic fillings
Composite inlays
Glass fiber reinforced build ups
Paediatric dentistry

General Dentistry

Regular check ups can protect your oral health. It is always better to prevent or treat the problem at early stage.
We offer private and PRSi covered dental examinations and teeth cleaning and polishing.
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In Dodder park dental our goal is to make sure that patients are well informed how to take care of oral health. Regular check ups, teeth cleaning carried out by our hygienist help to develope good habits for dental health.
As a part of each check up, patients recieve a proper assessment and treatment plan with costs involved.

General dentistry treatments:
– Routine check ups and X-rays
– Emergency appointments
– Scale and polishing
– Restorations (fillings, crowns, inlays)
– Root canal treatment
– Extractions

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We provide an individual approach to each patient, which, combined with thorough diagnosis and a comprehensive range of treatments, allows us to find the best solution for everyone.

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