Oral hygiene

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Hygienist cleaning and scale & polish

We understand that prevention is better then cure. Regular sessions for professional cleaning your teeth with hygienist will keep your gums healthy.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects gum pockets and if it’s not treated may be a reason of serious periodontal disease that causes teeth mobility.

Plaque is a soft layer that forms on your teeth just few hours after brushing them. If it’s not removed by brushing and flossing it becomes thicker and calcified. At thirst stage it’s impossible to brush it off, professional cleaning carried out by hygienist is required.

Our Dental Hygienist works closely with our dentists to give you the best advice and care.
We offer professional teeth cleaning service, scale and polishing, oral hygiene and diet advice… 

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We provide an individual approach to each patient, which, combined with thorough diagnosis and a comprehensive range of treatments, allows us to find the best solution for everyone.

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