Periodontal treatment

Leczenie paradontozy Londyn

In our clinic, we often encounter periodontitis, which is inflammation of the gums. It is a common and troublesome condition, whose symptoms may remain unnoticed for a long time. Regular dental check-ups are important for preventing periodontitis and detecting it at an early stage. In most cases, it is caused by improper oral hygiene, but genetic factors can also accelerate its development. Several factors, such as smoking, stress, diabetes, and improper nutrition, can have a negative impact on the condition of the gums.

Treating periodontitis requires a procedure tailored to the severity of the gum inflammation and damage to the tissues that support the teeth. During periodontal treatment, we remove plaque and bacterial deposits from the surfaces of the teeth and gum pockets. Depending on the severity of periodontitis, it may be necessary to perform scaling and root planing procedures, as well as regenerative procedures such as bone and gum grafts.

Scaling, which involves removing plaque and bacterial deposits from the surfaces of the teeth and gum pockets, is often used in the treatment of periodontitis. In some cases, root planing may also be necessary to remove bacteria from the surfaces of the tooth roots.

We provide periodontal treatment at every stage of its development, which is why we also use removable tooth straightening devices for cases where tooth mobility is a problem. The device is used to control tooth movement and improve their alignment in the oral cavity. Our devices are typically made of flexible plastic and are worn for a specified period of time to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Our many years of experience guarantee effective treatment of periodontitis. It is important to remember that periodontal treatment, gum inflammation, and removable tooth straightening devices are complex procedures that require proper diagnosis and treatment. Before beginning treatment, we conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and prepare an appropriate individual treatment plan based on the results.