Painless dental treatment

Bezbolesne leczenie zębów Londyn

We provide our patients with a comfortable passage through all stages of treatment.

Painless tooth treatment is possible thanks to the use of local anesthesia, which consists in applying a special gel or spray containing anesthetic substances directly to the place to be anesthetized. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.

We use appropriately selected and dosed local anesthesia in the entire range of dental procedures, including: filling cavities, removing teeth, making crowns and bridges.

All the substances (anesthetics) and materials we use for anesthesia are of the latest generation and ensure the highest painless effect with no negative impact on health.

However, it is worth remembering that local anesthesia is not suitable for every patient. There are certain contraindications, such as heart disease or blood clotting problems, which may be a contraindication to its use.

Before applying local anesthesia, the dentist will carefully examine the patient and assess whether the procedure is safe for him.