Protetyka stomatologiczna Londyn

A wide range of prosthetic treatments carried out in our office allows you to reconstruct missing teeth and restore the occlusion function and create an aesthetic, natural, beautiful smile.
In our office, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the health and aesthetic requirements of patients visiting us.

In the case of patients with many missing teeth (or even all of them – the so-called edentulism), we use various types of dentures and prosthetic restorations, depending on the needs and individual situation of the patient.

As our offer of treatments and prosthetic prostheses is very wide, and the specific solution depends on the individual case of the Patient, these are just a few selected solutions:

– Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing in one or both dental arches. Complete dentures are made of plastic, which are removed by the patient for cleaning.

– Removable dentures are used when several teeth are missing and the remaining teeth in the arch are still present. Removable dentures have clasps that are integrated with natural teeth, ensuring the stability of the denture.

– Prostheses on telescopes. Telescopes are a type of special crowns and prosthetic inserts used to stabilize dentures. We place the telescopes on the patient’s natural teeth or on implants, which allows for a more secure hold and better stability of the prosthesis.

-Flexible dentures are made of a flexible, thermoplastic material that adapts to the shape of the gum. They are more flexible and more comfortable to wear than traditional acrylic dentures.

– Prostheses on mini-implants. Mini-implants are small dental implants that serve as a support for dentures. We recommend them mainly for lower dentures to ensure better stability and retention of the denture.

– Inlays and onlays are types of prosthetic restorations that are used to restore teeth when larger cavities are present but a significant amount of the natural tooth structure is retained. Inlays fill cavities inside the tooth, while onlays cover the larger surface of the tooth, including its outer part.

– Prosthetic crowns are restorations that we use to rebuild damaged or weakened teeth. The crown is placed on a properly prepared tooth to restore its function and aesthetics.

– Dental bridges are a type of permanent prosthetic restoration used when one or more teeth are missing. A prosthetic bridge consists of tooth crowns that cover the teeth adjacent to the cavity and connecting elements, called connectors, that form a bridge between the crowns. Dental bridges require regular oral hygiene and regular check-ups at our office to prevent infection and loss of other teeth.