Leczenie kanalowe Londyn

Endodontics (root canal treatment) is often the only way to save a tooth. Effective endodontic treatment requires great care, experience, and modern equipment, which is why it is performed in our practice with magnification. Root canal treatment is a procedure that involves removing infected or damaged tissue from inside the tooth, which is called the pulp. Meanwhile, retreatment of root canal is a procedure that is performed when the primary root canal treatment did not achieve the desired results or when the infection has returned. In the case of root canal treatment, which requires work in small spaces of the teeth, visibility and precision are crucial for identifying the canals and for the lasting and effective completion of the treatment.

Our experience and the use of magnification in root canal treatment allows for very precise cleaning and filling of the canals, which ultimately provides a high guarantee of saving the tooth and creates opportunities for its restoration.

In addition to precise cleaning of the canals, isolation from other teeth and saliva is also important. We ensure this isolation during the procedure by using the latest procedures and the highest quality materials, including the use of rubber dams. A rubber dam is a thin rubber fabric that lines the oral cavity during treatment, leaving only the treated tooth exposed.

We perform both primary and retreatment of root canal treatment with magnification. The benefits of using magnification are invaluable for both patients and dentists. The highest quality equipment we use, combined with our experience, guarantees precise cleaning of the dental canals and the cavities that have been previously treated in an inaccurate or incorrect way.

In our practice, root canal treatment is performed using the highest quality magnification, which guarantees precise completion of the procedure and the tooth’s restoration with a quality guarantee for many years.

Effective root canal treatment involves several stages:

  1. Based on a very precise X-ray diagnosis, the dentist qualifies the tooth for further endodontic treatment.
  2. Thorough cleaning of the root canals in the diseased tooth.
  3. Filling the canals tightly with specially designed materials for this purpose.

Teeth lose their blood supply and nerves after root canal treatment, making them often fragile. Therefore, the dentist often recommends the installation of a prosthetic crown to strengthen the tooth and protect it from re-infection.

The quality of our root canal treatment guarantees not only working with high-quality magnification equipment and our experience but also the materials we use for treatment are of the highest quality, supplied by proven manufacturers with years of experience in practice.

All root canal treatment procedures are performed with appropriate anesthesia to ensure our patients experience as little pain as possible during the procedure.