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Our dental procedures

Basic - Examination / X-ray

Dental examination
X-ray single tooth

Restorative Dentistry

Amalgam alloy filling
Composite filling /small/


Root canal treatment /incisor and canine/
Root canal treatment /premolar/
Root canal treatment /molar/


Crown composite
Crown metal bonded with composite
Crown metal bonded with porcelain
Crown full ceramic
Onlay composite
Denture acrylic
Denture Cr/Co

Aesthetics Dentistry

Veneer composite /laboratory made/
Veneer porcelain /high esthetic e-max/
Teeth bleaching in office /Zoom Lamp/

Oral Hygiene

Hygienist cleaning

Pediatric Dentistry

Filling primary tooth
Pits and fissure sealing
Endodontic treatment /primary tooth/